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“Don Pedro Home is the home that I have been looking for in Madrid, for a long time: an exclusive space in the heart of a palace built by the Marquis V of Villafranca, Don Pedro Álvarez de Toledo, from the 18th century.

Here is an anecdote: Marquis XI of Villafranca married Maria Teresa Cayetana, the Duchess of Alba portrayed in the famous painting of Goya, in 1775 in this palace. They lived here during several years.

Don Pedro Home is a space full of historical elements that I wanted to put at the disposal of the guests so that they can enjoy a unique and privileged place. The medieval walls, the arches, the 18th century courtyard and the secret passageway are mixed with modern elements that I wanted to use in coherence with my taste for design and contemporary art.

This is my home, and now I would like it to be your home too. ”

“I regard myself as Spanish by adoption and am of Italian origin. I was raised in the South of Italy. Therefore a sense of the warmest hospitality has always inspired our family life. Happiness, respect and warmth are values that I feel and I want to transmit to my Madrileña "family¨ as well as my house guests.

It is because of this, that I have wanted to make my experience, as an adopted Madrilenian for many years to date, available and palpable. You will discover my recommended itineraries outside the typical tourist routes, and instead museums, parks, streets, restaurants, shops and boutiques that I like the most.

It is an immense pleasure to offer my guests the most authentic ways of experiencing Madrid.”

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